Our emeritus celebrates his 75th birthday today
and also the FB Design warmly congratulates! 🎉

On behalf of the city of Dortmund, the film artist AdolfWinkelmann created the “Flying Pictures”, a three-part film installation that can be seen from afar, for the DortmunderU in the Capital of Culture year. The “picture clock” on the roof has since become a Dortmund landmark. It now consists of 150 short films that conjure up, for example, meter-high pigeons, black and yellow foosball figures or foaming beer on the former brewery building. The installation has been running day and night since 2010, and since the end of 2020 the approximately 6000 slats equipped with LEDs have been replaced and the technology has been renewed.
The “Flying Pictures” outside also includes the installation “Nine Windows” in the inner vertical of the Dortmund U: While traveling on the escalators in the U, visitors can watch humorous film sequences in illusionistic windows and thus deep into the soul of the Ruhr area residents look.
The third part, the “Ruhrpanoramen”, is currently being installed in the vestibule of the Dortmunder U.
In 1978 Adolf Winkelmann was appointed professor of film in the design department of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.

Mehr unter: http://www.winkelmann-film.de
The portrait picture in front of the Dortmunder U was made by our alumnus ROLAND GORECKI 2021.