dESIGN12+ #6: aron morel

12.06.2024 / 17:00

wir laden herzlichst ein zur ersten ringvorlesung des ›master editorial design‹ im sommersemester 2024:


aron morel, publisher, london


mit dem vortrag: 

»off the beaten path with MÖREL«


datum: mittwoch, 12. juni 2024, 17h

aula des fachbereiches design

fachhochschule dortmund

max-ophüls-platz 2, 44137 dortmund


im anschluss laden wir zu einem get-together mit drinks und büchern ein! die fasta des FB design kümmert sich um die getränke (vielen dank dafür!)

und unser gast aron mörel bringt bücher aus seinem verlag zum schmökern, anschauen und diskutieren mit.



aron morel, publisher, london

»off the beaten path with MÖREL«



when possible, morel revels in taking advantage of working with alternative approaches to designing books as well as using unconventional print methods and materials. in the realm of book design, conformity often reigns supreme, with standardized practices dictating everything from cover art to font choices. however, there exists a space where innovation thrives, where the traditional boundaries of design are pushed aside in favor of experimentation. in this lecture, we will  »undesign« a book, where the artist takes center stage and traditional design norms are challenged.


mörel (founded in 2008/2009 by aron mörel) specialises in publishing works by both established and emerging artists.


titles include books by artists as diverse as boris mikhailov, patti smith, corinne day, hans-peter feldmann, ryan gander, thomas ruff, robert mapplethorpe, ryan mcginley, nick waplington. 


mörel works closely with writers and curators on their projects including simon baker, nina power, david campany,  irvine welsh, & omar kholief. 


approaching each project as a collaboration, mörel actively engages with artists throughout the conception, editing, and design phases. 


the goal is to craft an artist's book that embraces idiosyncrasies, deliberately steering away from the conventions of traditional publisher-produced books.


at times the design phase also includes works by other artists including covers by painter george condo, poet/artist rene ricard, designer pablo ferro. 


mörel views the book as an important aspect of an artist’s practice and as a powerful cultural conduit.