Field Trip Amsterdam

Vanessa van Dam, Prof. Jörg Winde, Lidia Donis, Emma Wöllstein, Konstantin Strey, Eyad Abushaar, Sabrina Deter, Pauline Helen Hennerkes und Huong Nguyen


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Field trip in Amsterdam // 30.09.21 - 01.10.21
After the digital semester with graphic designer and lecturer Vanessa van Dam ( and the topic to design a fictitious corporate identity for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, we planned an excursion there already at the beginning of the course. Besides Vanessa herself, Prof. Jörg Winde, Lidia Donis, Emma Wöllstein, Konstantin Strey, Eyad Abushaar, Sabrina Deter, Pauline Helen Hennerkes and Huong Nguyen took part.
On the day of our arrival, Vanessa welcomed us warmly and led us to the bike rental station where we rented bikes for two days. The first hotspot was directly the Stedelijk Museum, where we got to know each other comfortably with a cup of coffee and Vanessa had explained us about the program. The presentations of our projects were scheduled for the second day at the museum. Shortly after that we went by bike to "Enter Enter" (

There Roger Willems, graphic designer and publisher of various books, told us not only about his presentation of the latest books but also about his professional career and collaboration with well-known graphic designers, photographers and artists: Among them Karel Martens, Aglaia Konrad etc.. Everyone would have liked to stay longer, but Uta Eisenreich ( was already waiting for us. She is a photographer and has the passion to put different objects into a different, even philosophical context and to alienate them. She plays with surreality in her images and gives new meaning to ordinary subjects. Uta studied photography at the design department of the FH Dortmund.
On the second day we set off on our bikes to the premises of Bart de Baets and Sandra Kassenaar (, Besides exciting stories about customers* and looking at the new fancy stamps with illustrations of the hands of homosexual men by Bart, both also emphasized how diverse and special simple, self-evident topics or objects can be. Sandra's "MacGuffin" magazine takes glass bottles as its theme. Viewers experience new things in it and enrich themselves with interesting design possibilities from bottles.

After the visit of the two graphic designers, Thomas Castro was waiting for us at the Stedelijk Museuem Amsterdam. He is the head of the graphic department, works in the field himself and curates continuously. Thomas first gave us an intense and instructive introduction. After this, we got ready to present. Everyone presented their corporate design results for the museum. After individual feedback from Thomas Castro, everyone stayed at the museum to see the current exhibitions, (, Bruce Nauman, Kirchner and Nolde, etc.) before heading back to Dortmund.