Ecole National Supérieure de la Photographie Arles (ENSP)

Fr. Laurence Canaux
16 rue des Arènes, BP 10149 - 13631 Arles Cedex
B1-B2 (für Studierende) / B2 (für Lehrende): Französisch


The ENSP is located in Arles, just two steps from the arena and the forum square. In 1982 the l’Ecole nationale de la photographie settled in the magnificent city palace “Hôtel de Quiqueran de Beaujeu” on Rue des Arènes. It is the only national college of photography in France. It discovers new talents every year and offers exhibitions all year round. Studying at ENSP has three main components: 1. technical training that enables every student to master the tools and procedures adequately. The areas of photography, film and digital, black and white, color, photography and video workshop are part of this training; 2. a practical part with various seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, meetings with artists and experts; 3. the imparting of a number of complementary theoretical and practical knowledge (graphics, multimedia, legal and professional information, English language skills, etc.), which enable every student to find a career entry after graduation according to their own inclinations.